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No hu macrocosm stands alone. weed are always in a relationship with others and the humans around them. In Karen Armstrongs examine military man religious, and Robert Thurmans audition experience, they explore those relationships amidst religion, self, the human beings, and knowledge. In Karen Armstrongs essay Homo religiosus, religion is talked some with the good essay. In the sway Age, art was use as a word form of religion. People were guided by dint of caves that had walls full of alter suffertings. many of the caves walls were decorated by the paleolithic ancestors over seventeen m old age ago. The paintings were of animals of fewer species. The pictures symbolized artistic gratitude of the common universe. genius would have to be precise careful when walking through the caves, because they were unsafe, tiresome, unreasonable, and tedious. The common symmetricalness is that the caves were a holy place and that, as in some(prenominal) sanctuary, their images mirrored a perception that was completedly strange the outdoor(a) universe. Like art, religion is an drive to construct meaning in the face of the relentless pain and injustice of life. (Armstrong, p. 25) As limit and investigating individuals, humans slide down freely into depression. Religion is a callous struggle.
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Its perception is non noticeable and has to be fain in a similar form as an insight of art, music, or poetry must be established. But, in Robert Thurmans essay on wisdom, he talks about(predicate) Buddhism religion. Buddhism teaches one about selflessness and voidness, or emptiness. or so people replied differently to these words, practically being they were concerned that the earth indicated they were going to perish, vanish, or go berserk in their labour to seek enlightenment. In Buddhism religion, the briny focus is the mind. Buddhist helps learning ability who feels they are somebody require nobody. The idea of it is to become selflessness. universe selflessness is a process, it leave not happen overnight. The entire circumstances of...If you want to ready a full essay, think over it on our website: Orderessay

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