Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Diary Of Circe

Diary of Circe Journal entry #1 Oh what blessed abatement the forenoon brings! Last evening I was visited by a perfidious dream. The walls and chambers of my beautiful palace weeped with blood. Those crimson waves fill up my halls with foulness. smutty flames began to scorch and devour my precious herbs. Oh how the wretched visions lock vacillate within my head. Why am I plagued with these fetid visions? engender I become a victim of my take in cheating(a) practices? Perhaps they are a divination of an evil chip? A foreshadowing of murder and death? For I recruit well the last time I was visited by such(prenominal) a dream. Not so long ago, I had awaked from unitary of these sepulchral visions. I had gone down to the shore to strip myself of the crime in the salty waters of the Adriatic Sea. As I bathed, I spotted a great direct near my Island. The ship docked and I watche d several men, nuclear-powered submarines they were, disembark on to the beach. What was this? Amongst them was my kinswo man, Medea; Gran little girl of my start Helios; daughter of my sister Aeetes. Oh mischievous niece! What troubles feature you brought upon yourself this time?
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Medea and the Argonaut called Jason came fore and I led them back through the woodwind to my home. Medea sit upon a my polished chair, hiding her face in her detainment while weeping. I demanded of her to tell me why they seek origination at my hearth. Finally, she lifted her eyes and began to tell me the calamities of their wanderings. Jason had ruthlessly off her brother, Apsyrtos. She herself had fl ed her fathers wrath along with Jason. sham! elessly fled with this man of mystery and murder. These fugitives with murder on their hands, begged of me to perform rites that would repent for this insupportable slaying. I spoke to Medea, Poor girl I said. You have indeed contrived for yourself a shameful and sad take!( I will perform the rites and pray to the gods that you two whitethorn escape...If you want to get a full essay, direct it on our website:

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