Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I, Waving

The Americans are coming! No wait theyre already here! Theyve been here for some time, and its suddenly dawned on me, now today as I watch the dumbbell end of the parade, catching my breath holding it in awe. Of them and the myriad reflections theyve thrown, and of myself as I catch them, finally. At last. Before another(prenominal) word, get me to introduce My to Self. These are VIPs in this story. Self, fall upon the artist in her cave, in her grotto, in her jail, in her womanhood, in her human-hood. Behold the one who once thought she was direct to economise the world, to teach it to feel and to think. Behold, My, your own foolhardy Self, who attempts to mold meter in her work, whether it is fictional or performative. Behold the shaping forge of your language, the holder of your tongue, the maker of the knots you can never undo, descry your Self, the non believer, who above all else wants to believe. Behold your Kinesthetic Language: the corporate ex pression of emotion and experience which has been interiorised analysed temporised memorised antagonised turned inside out-ways, sidelong and backways then spat out again for the glory of the gravid good. What if your voice once set free from your miserly throat, makes itself describe? What does that make you then? Self, she says she dont care! My doesnt want a name-tag.
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Feels too much like a price tag. There may be an odd-bod who catches My words and sees the I, and I would be glad that they recognise it. They may at times exclaim to Their Self, Gee I know that word. I know that feeling! And I would be gladdened plainly not if they were to say (in a distant hum-dr um way,) Oh yes, shes a Lyrical, certainly t! hat. Although My, you have to ask Self, even if only occasionally, What is the fire that bakes this bread? What are these kneading fists made of? They are the bearers of burdens, for sure. Thats when I think of the Americans and their Parade... What, My? call your Self, a copyist? Think you she a coy...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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