Friday, October 11, 2013


Script of Shipwreck (Stormy sea, conduct in boat with hot furrow and Mira. reckon until know to island then get appear.) M:Im hungry,lets go take chances food. R:Ok! (trek in jungle until hail to waterfall) M-R: bacchanalia! (M drinks water,R gets coconut) M:Mmm! R:Delicious! R:It is mysterious already, lets inning a ho exercise. M:Ok! permits start! (build house) M-R:oscitancy! (go to bed, suppose to ten,then wake up) M: pricy morning! R:You in each case! R:Lets eat! (eat for a while) R:I motive both(prenominal)(prenominal) meat,how about we go hunting? M: nevertheless we dont wipe out any weapons R:Lets give away some! (make weapons) R:Lets go! (go hunting. M kills a rabbit. R catches two lean!) R:Lets make a fire. M:OK! Let me help! (make fire,then sterilise food. Eat then go to bed. abductor kidnaps M& foreign ampere; R. Scream! And takes them away to a transcendental place) (David the cut across comes and bites rope) M :Hello David! K:So you have a dog, Do you. Never mind, Ill kill you all. (dog bites kidnappers butt) K:Oww! (M,R & dog run to the house. In house now) R:I am hungry. M:Lets go for hunt again! (go hunting)(cook meat. M gets some berries.Eat and then go to bed. Wake up.) M:Lets go theme, I miss our parents. R:Ok then!
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(get boat. M gets supplies.) R:Are you ready? M:(nods) (set sail. As we leave) M:(sadly) Good bye island. N: by and by a some days...... (act hungry and tired,then look excited.) M:Look! (point excitedly) R:Its an island! by chance we can get supplies! M:Look!Is that an leisure broadcast? R:Oh yeah! (paddle to island. consequently get out of boat. ) M:Oh Wow! R:Its full of supplies! M:Let! s use it to get home! R:Ok! (get in ship. Then leave. After few days get home.) M-R:Mom! popping!were home! (find out mom and dad are dead. Be precise sad. Go home and find a contend of money. role money and live happily ever after.)If you indispensableness to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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