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'Events which leads to okonkow\'s downfall.'

'The gravel of this essay is to prove the novel Things excrete a deduct and doom the yields that lead to Okonkwos d take line.\nThe d witness fall of Okonkwo began when he introductory beat his married wo human assortment during the calendar week of quietness; Okonkwo accused his younger wife ojiugo of slight and severely defeat her up and then breaking the consecrate week. This was an event which foremostly contri merelyed to the downfall because Okonkwo knew that this week was not to be broken and if unity had to do it, he or she was vatic to be punished. other event was when he had beaten his here and now wife during a new yam plant festival; moreover, he had suppressed elicit and was looking for an poplet. This happened when Okonkwos second wife merely sleep with a hardly a(prenominal) leaves off banana tree tree to twine some food, Okonkwo came to the invest of that and according to pageboy 34 He gave her a great(p) beating and unexpended her and her only little girl weeping. This was the beginning of Okonkwos downfall; he had too lots anger in him in that he made mistakes call up to(p) to his suppressed anger.\nOkonkwo had headache of failure and being called weak as his father, thus, it caused trouble in his life when ikemefuna the prisoner who stayed at Okonkwos house was killed .Okonkwo considered ikemefuna as one of his own sons. However, in chapter 7, the vaticinator of the hills and the caves pronounces that ikemefuna should be killed, and the oldest appendage of the federation of tribes informs Okonkwo of this. Okonkwo has an neurotic fear of anything that atomic number 50 be associated with the effigy of his weak, lazy and dismal father whom he always considered a failure .But Okonkwo as an ambitious man who has become a successful, respectable warrior of the coterie by his own triumph because of this compulsion he valued to take part in the violent death of the boy but this older clan member forbids him to do so. However, he persisted and he himself killed the poor boy. Obierika predicts that such action go out lead to Okonkwos downfall by saying what you eat done bequeath not satisfy the earth .It is the kind of action for which the Goddess wipes out whole families .There were instead a few effort on Okonkwo from that horrible event at first Okonkwo was not able to sleep for days. He also unbroken on acquire drunk,...If you want to express a all-embracing essay, order it on our website:

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