Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Math Assignment

Investigation 1: Unit (C) Surveying With the roly-poly Level

Dumpy levels are a common tool of social occasion when analyse polish region to give accurate measurements. They are potent used to survey the theatre of operations of a block of land and to find the toss of the land.

This investigation purports at the practical use of dumpy levels and how they can be used to measure the slopes, area and the amount of mass in a sloped area.

This labor requires the use of a dumpy level to measure a sloping area of land where a structure entrust be placed. After the area has been mapped, the amount of dirt that needfully to be removed to make the ground level so the structure can be built. The students exit go bring out and find an area of land that has a suitable slope and use a dumpy level to plot this slope. apply rules, such as the trapezoidal rule, the amount of dirt demand to be exonerated can be found. Photographs and sketches of the land will be needed and a final report is to be written up.

Selected Structure and Selected Land

The school wants to install a 50 metre (m) Olympic swimming crime syndicate with 8 lanes in a location next to the current 25m pool. The school take to know the amount of earth needed to be cleared in order for this swimming pool to be installed.

kitty-cat Dimensions
Before finding the gradient of the land it is important to look at the dimensions of the pool so we know the area needed.

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The following diagrams include the dimensions of the pool from a birds eye point of captivate and a side view.

Birds Eye position (Not to Scale)

Note: All the cement on the sides of the pool is 10m wide.

aspect View (Not to Scale)

The land selected is located next to the current 25m pool in Pool Park which is sloped at a slight angle. Markers were placed at individual points that would form the area of land required for clearing and would be measured using the dumpy level.

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