Monday, February 25, 2013


Personality type Essay
E= extroverted, N= Intuitive, F= face and P= Perceiving

There atomic number 18 distinct kinds of genius types which loafer be distinguished in to 4 pair of different in-personity indicators: extraverts / introvert, thinker / feeler, judger / perceiver. The combination of selected 4 indicators can apologize personal attitude, psychological function and lifestyle of each individual. Then, I can determine strengths and weakness of my received job.
After I completed the personality type test, my P-TYPE resulted as E-N-F-P; Extravert, Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving. Regarding to personality type given sources, ENFP is also called as Champion and galvaniser. They are socially oriented, talkative, creative and optimistic. By using P-TYPE indicator, my personal care and dislike can be explained as following.
In term of my attitude personal type, Im an Extravert P-Type. Extraverts often prefer more frequent interaction in which I like to share information with other in general topic e.g. personal life, experience, future opportunity. I demonstrate myself valued while Im being in group of populate. Getting in to a group of people enables me to broaden my personal perception and also gave me new idea to fulfill my personal enthusiasm. I often subscribe to myself in different types of group of people.

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To be precise on my current job, Most of all, I admitted that visiting my clients and sharing both businesses cerebrate issue and non-business related topic is the most I like about my job. I often spend more than 1 hours sitting and talking with my regular customers about general topic. As my position as sales executive, taking care of industrial raw material sales activity, its required to get broaden information on competitors movement, foodstuff situation, economic impact, as much as possible. Some of my customers are grease ones palmsing material from many places. Frankly speaking, it is their policy to buy from various sources in launch to prevent a take chances of relying on one...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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