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It has been estimated that 6.3 million passel in the United States suffer from phobias. A phobia is generally outlined as the relentless dread of a situation, activity, or thing that causes one misgiving. Many people who suffer from phobias learn coping mechanisms in ways to eliminate situations that create the anxiety yet only a humbled percentage of them seek treatment. Of the many people that are touch on by phobias, 3.2 million people suffer from a control known as agoraphobia (The World Health Organization, 2008). Agoraphobia is generally defined as a fear that one will rescue a panic attack when being outside or in a public place, from which one either cannot escape, or in which escaping would be difficult, humiliating, or embarrassing. A person with agoraphobia fears having anxiety and feeling un reliable in public places where large numbers racket of people may gather. Sufferers will avoid places such(prenominal) as airplanes, bridges, crowded cities, elevators, public transportation, shops and shopping malls, and special events. In some extreme cases of agoraphobia people feel the only real safe place is inside their home, and will rarely venture outside.
question shows that the onset of agoraphobia tends to begin by early adulthood, usually by the age of twenty (Nordqvist, Medical News Today, 2010).

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Girls and women, Native Americans, low-income populations, and individuals who stupefy been widowed, divorced, or separated are at increased put on the line for developing agoraphobia. There are several theories about what causes agoraphobia. A common hypothesis is that agoraphobia develops due to repeated exposure to trying and anxiety-provoked situations. Other factors contributing to agoraphobia include dissolution of long-term relationships, the devastation of a parent or spouse, traumatic childhood events including, neglect, sexual abuse, and separation from the same sex parent.
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