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Although the Romans would rule more land, no one man has constantly conquered such a vast territory in as short period of time as horse parsley threesome or Alexander the Great. Before his death at the geezerhood of 32 he had ruled over most of the cognise world. Alexander did more than just win on the battlefield. Taught in the classic traditions of Greece, he brought an enlightened form of leadership to the regions he conquered. Had he lived his empire might have been a unfeignedly magnificent one and changed the course of history. In spite of his inopportune demise, he ensured that the influence of Greece reached far beyond its borders, leaving an ineradicable mark in the ancient world.
Macedon was a rough, warlike coarse to the north of Greece, and though the Macedonians considered themselves part of the Greek tradition, the Greeks t extirpateed to look kill on them as rude and unschooled. Alexanders father, Phillip II, would end up subjugating southwestern Europe. At 17, Alexander himself led a Macedonian force that conquered Thebes. Under the influence of his mother Olympias, he became enamored with the figure of Achilles from Homers Iliad, and came to see his later exploits as fulfillment of the heroic legacy. A significant influence on his life story was Aristotle. One of the worlds wisest men tutored Alexander in his adolescent years.

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Under Aristotles instruction, Alexander gained a wide flick to the world. Alexander proved himself showed a combination of mental and corporal agility when at the age 12 he meek a wild horse. Naming the horse Bucephalus, the two would be companions almost for life. When Bucephalus died during Alexanders campaign in India, he would name a city for his beloved horse.
After Philip took control of Greece, he was assassinated. Alexander gained the support of the Macedonian nobility and consolidated his power in Greece. With a lightning-quick strike he captured Thebes and killed some 6,000 of its defenders. After that, he faced no serious opposition from the...If you want to admit a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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