Friday, March 29, 2013

Civil Rights And Gay Marriage

Are civil rights an accurate parallel for gay coupling rights?
Civil rights are a class of rights that protect individuals exemption from unwarranted infringement by administrations and private organizations, and ensure ones power to participate in the civil life of the state without contrast or repression.
There is a truth that marriage, in its well-nigh basic form, is not a disposal institution; it is a religious institution. For thousands of years marriage has been the cornerstone of religions around the valet de chambre for forming families and raising their children. But it has also been co-opted by governments around the earth as a legally binding contract that bestows upon their batch certain privileges once they enter into the bonds of matrimony.
Most governments are organize upon a base of religion and the United States is no different. until now when the government dictates back to religion how to define marriage, it creates a sticky situation that is disallowed by the first amendment. The First Amendment of the U.S. record prohibits the federal government from making a law respecting an institution of religion, or prohibiting the clear exercise thereof.
To get legally unify in the United States, you have to obtain a licence from the government.

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Once you are married, the government grants certain privileges such as visitation rights in the Emergency Room, inheritance rights and power of lawyer when no will is present, pension benefits and judicial protections. This is the problem; government has adopted the institution of marriage for its own means sooner than accepting it as a strictly religious institution.
peerless does have a privilege to be married if the church they belong to chooses to marry them and that falls under their first Amendment rights to free religion. But the right to marriage only exists if their religion agrees that they toilet be married and someone is willing to wed them.
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