Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cold War

Impacts of The Cold War
The Cold War was defined by a global conflict involving competitiveness and testing of political powers. The struggles were chiefly amidst The Soviet Union and The unify States, communism versus democracy. The United States focused on depleting the spread of inter farmingal communism (Farber, 1994, pg. 26). The Soviets stood their earthly concern to continue as a strong communist nation and threaten others with their aggression. Nuclear weapons were at the center of this time. Both argue countries had constructed far more than necessary arsenals. Eventually treaties were signed and mass of the lethal equipment was destroyed. The threat of nuclear annihilation caused a sens of social anxiety and fear amongst Americans.
The Cold War impacted all involved in many ways. The United States benefited with frugal and patriotism growth. One reason the saving grew magnificently during these generation was because Americans felt it was their patriotic duty to buy consumer goods to help the economy grow (Tradshad.worldpress, 2009). Military spending for weapon production amplified. dissimilar industries related to march development and production submerged. This extended to a rise in jobs and consumer spending.

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The Soviets felt obligated to increase their military spending and eventually went bankrupt trying to keep up with the Americans (Tradshad.worldpress, 2009).
The Cold War has left its share of footprints on the U.S. landscape, merely none touches more Americans every day more than the interstate highway Highway System (Afwalton). Interstates were constructed to aide in the efficiency of mobilizing troops and their supplies. These pathways lead for easier escape routes if we were ever under attack on our own soil. This infrastructure continues to impact us as Americans today. The interstates postulate paved a way to travel more follow effectively and allow for more suburban lifestyles.
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