Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life In Tenement Housing

Life in Tenement Housing
When I was traveling to America, I remember imagining what my keep would be like in America. I imagined my family and I settling in an empty, clean, and white flat tire. I imagined our family tactile sensation comfortable in our quiet, clean, and spacious apartment. I knew that it would be unvoiced at first to adapt the American way of life; especially because we knew so little English. However, I never imagined that adapting to the American way of life meant living in an environment that circumscribe our basic necessities.
When my family and I first arrived in our apartment, I was amazed. I remember wishing that there was a mistake someways and we would soon reside in our perfect spacious apartment that I had imagined. Our apartment was on the 15th floor, which obviously meant we had to rise up 15 flights of stairs after our long journey to the states. The high we got the darker it seemed to acquire and by the time we reached our floor I couldnt see anything, just shapes in the darkness. When we finally reached our floor, I was weary and tired that I just wanted to sleep for the reliever of the day. However, our apartment seemed to be filled with at least cardinal people because there were plenty of children crying along with several(prenominal) adults trying to calm them down.

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As it turns out, we were the fourth family to move in the 15th floor. A woman came to greet us and-although it seemed unbelievably crowded as it was-showed us where we were to stay. As time passed by I learned that the air quality was very un-healthy, it has an highly foul smell from all the waste people couch in the streets. The apartment was freezing in the winter and sear hot in the summer. In the winter, it is impossible to keep immediate but in the summer we resort to sleeping outside. I also found that it was impossible to get water in the winter because it was frozen and we had no way of melting it because it we would get it from the outside. Whenever we needed to cook we had to...If you want to get a proficient essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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