Friday, March 1, 2013

Parasite Rex

Parasite Rex Questions

1. What did Anton Van Leeuwenhoek do to further parasite look for?
A: Anton van Leeuwenhoek put everything he could under his microscope, including the brand on his teeth, his meals, or even his own feces, to observe the gnomish creatures that live inside these things.
2. What is the general rule for fall ining standardised species? The to a greater extent specific rule?
A: The general rule to establish similar species is by their appearance. The more specific rule for establishing similar species is to divide species into seven Taxonomic ranks, and those are kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species.
3. Why isnt a red blood prison cell a unfeigned cell?
A: A red blood cell is not a true cell because it is not a cell but a corpuscle. It does not have a nucleus, and do not carry DNA at all.
4. What was observe within a few years of Lankesters essays and what were they fragment of?
A: Within a few years of Lankesters essay, scientists would attain predatory cells roving our bodies and devouring bacteria, and immunology was born.
5. How does the Cotesia protect its worm in young tobacco hornworms?
A: The mother wasp injects the ballock as part of a soupy mix.

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The eggs depend on the soup for their survival: if you take out the eggs, clean forward the soup, and then put them directly into a caterpillar, the hosts immune system of rules rages full tilt and mummifies the eggs. The parasite survives thanks to millions of viruses swimming in the soup.
6. What does Cotesia Congregata larva change in the hornworm to meet their food needs?
A: The wasps eggs hatch inside the hornworm as cigar-shaped larvae. They drink their hosts blood while breathing through silvery balloons of create from raw material on their back ends.
7. How can parasites affect ecology in environments?
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