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Criminal Procedure Probable exercise Article Summary

Sherita Burress


November 21, 2011

Maxine Craig

compulsory Court Is Unsuccessful In Defining Probable Cause In Belief Of Guilt
The Supreme Court decided a boldness on December 15, 2004, holding a law of nature enforcement officer accountable for arresting an individuals for having merchandise in the auto that he was horseback riding in. It was stated that the merchandised belonged to neither the passenger or the driver of the vehicle that it was found in. This well known case is the case of Maryland v. Pringle, 124 S.Ct. 795 (2003), a solid decision of the Court. In the course of finding this case, the Maryland court was held accountable for non holding the jurisprudence at fault for violating the passengers constitutional rights. guard are responsible when they make a false arrest, we go away examine The Pringle Case and the facts presented in it as well as the confessions received in the case and the violation of the 4th Amendment rights in the case.
This case was surrounded around lots of hypothetical questions that could be used in criminal justice classes for discussion.

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If you are riding in the machine with an individual and the police force pull you over is it okay for the police to arrest the passenger in the car even if he or she says that the contraband that he finds is non his? Another hypothetical question is this, Assume that police put out a crime that has been committed by one mortal, they go to seven people with questions about the crime, they all deny culpability, and the police already know that one of the guys is disgraced. Can all vi of these guys be arrested for this one crime even though police dont really know which person is guilty?
There are simple and easy answers to all of these questions : it depends if the police have probable cause to think that a person should be arrested and is guilty of a decomposeicular crime. That was the complicated part in the Pringle case that was brought out by the Supreme...If you want to adopt a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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