Friday, March 1, 2013

Science In Day To Day Life


Modern be on is an age of intuition. cognition has brought about a revolution in the life of man. Scientific inventions have made our life piano and comfortable.

information has bestowed numerous gifts on mankind. Means of transport and communication, medical examination facilities, electricity, agricultural implements, recreational facilities, computers etc. are just a few gifts of science to men.

Today a man wakes up with the help of an alarm clock, shaves with the help of an electric shaver, takes bath in water supplied with the help of machines, goes to office with the help of vehicle, works in office with the help of computer, phone, etc…………. all in all the inventions of science. Life today, without science is unimaginable.

Science has made fairy-tales sounds real. Today one can speak to a friend in London.

Science has given us electricity. We utilize it in our homes, factories, workshops, cinema halls and everywhere. We cannot do without electricity. It is with the help of electricity that all other appliances and machines work. Electricity has made our life colorful and charming.

Science is the greatest saviour of man. Everyday it pulls out of the jaws of death thousands of persons. The science of medicine and the science of surgery perform miracles.

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Surgery not only cures heart disease but gives eyesight to the finesse and limbs to the limbless. Thanks to plastic surgery, the deformed become dignified. Transplantation of human being organ has become possible.

Science has placed at our presidency cinema, radio and goggle box. All of them provide pleasure to the weary mind. The television brings into our homes the joyful and interesting sciences and activities of the outside world.

The invention of printing hole has enabled us to have an easy access to the books. The newspapers bring us the news from all over the world.

Yet another grand invention of science is computer.

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