Monday, April 1, 2013

Drug Cartel Gun Control

Hubbard Uhlhorn
Ms. Hall
English III AP
11 November 2010
Gun Control: Mexicos Broken Arm in Its War on dose Cartels
Violence on the Mexican b collection due to fight dose cartels is an issue that hits close to home. We see it on the give-and-take everyday, somewhere off across the border, beheadings, executions, extortion and kidnappings. All of these things seem unsettling to us here in the U.S. I myself was a frequent visitant to Mexico, I would go there and eating with my family almost bi-weekly, at Arturos Mexican Restaurant in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico, which was always bustling, beat packed full of day visitors, winter Texans, and tourists. Not any much. utmost(a) time I visited Mexico was in early 2009, before things began to teeter on uncontrolled violence. From what Ive heard from the few who hold to cross the border into Mexico, the once lively Arturos is now no more, dying after months of sparse tourist visitation, conjugate with problems paying protection money to the local cartel. Mexico, now more than ever, is at the mercy of these dangerous drug cartels, and something needs to be done to remedy the situation soon.

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As a Rio Grande valley resident, border violence due to drug cartels may turn over me feel uneasy, even a little bit endanger sometimes, but I sleep well at iniquity knowing that I have the legal right to tug a firearm around for my personalized protection. Mexican civilians do not. Few Mexican citizens outside the military own firearms for personal protection, beca usance the Mexican federal law determines when, why and where its inhabitants can use their firearms (Farago). This is the foundation of the problem, when it comes to personal protection, the Mexican government has the last swan in the matter, and their usual response is a stone rimy NO(Farago) . The Mexican government should loosen stringent blast control laws on its civilian population because civilians have no way to defend themselves from escalating drug cartel violence.
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