Monday, April 1, 2013

Evolutionary Explanation of Aggression

Discuss and evaluate growthary explanations of aggression.
Evolutionary psychologist pointed out to catch the flair we behave we need to look at the evolution of the brain as a means to explain aggression, wise to(p) the evolution it could explain present day aggression. Such psychologists cover animal and human research to support their claims.
Firstly, in animals it was Craig (1921) who had the scratch attempt in understanding aggression in referring to Darwins late work with the statement when animals fight their aims are to purpose rid of the animals presence not to destroy it. Therefore, animals dont necessarily want o kill the potential scourge but instead for them to back down or bump only using physical force when necessary. Lorenz a famous ethologist who wrote a book on aggression stressed the analogy of animals and humans in terms of behaviour. Lorenz believes there were four master(prenominal) processes these were: reproduction, hunger, aggression and fear. And that aggression occurred within rather than between species, for Lorenz the functions were to train that only the fittest/strongest survived so that females could be selected to mate with so that matter had the best chance of survival.

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Protection of offspring directly so that they could survive, and to distribute a species in a balanced way so that each have some sort of territory.
Lorenz notable that there were several symbols of organisations e.g. rat packs, families, crowds, tribes etc... And that in each type aggression could be shown several(predicate)ly. As aggression is dramatically different when comparing families to rat packs and tribes, this led Lorenz to formulate the idea of animals having ritualistic aggression .Like Craig (1921) he noted that there was little insecurity in ritualised aggression for example, Stag carry out rutting with their antlers it seldom if never results in actual damage. Furthermore, Morris (1990) states that animal disputes show a remarkable lack of restraint, Gross...If you want to get a all-embracing essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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