Monday, April 1, 2013

Genetic Screening

Andrew Todd
January 19, 2011
SCI 1015
Professor Alley
Genetic back: good healthcare or path to familial discrimination?
The phrase Genetic screening invokes some somber images. The movie Gatacca, talked about how conceptuss would be screened thence manipulated into perfect humans. The movie depicts employers screening the perfect people and natural people became lower class citizens. The present reason for embryo genetic screening is to test distempers so the embryo king have and could be treated. Could this good intentioned screening turned into genetic discrimination?
The issue of genetic discrimination has been well-nigh bimestrial then most people believe. Genetic discrimination has eer been present; racism and sexism are a part of genetics and have caused significant turmoil. The start of genetic research started with Gregor Mendel. He is called the father of genetics because of his work with pea pods (fieldmuseum) and cross training peas to make a better pea. His work was all just now forgotten until the early 1900s and the Eugenics movement (PBS). Eugenic groups started form around the United States aft(prenominal) World War I, when Americans feared immigrants and a refreshing national pride began. The eugenics mentality was fear and survival ground; keeping Americans pure would keep the USA strong.

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There was besides another country that believed in genetic purity, this group is cognise as the Nazi party in Germany. The eugenics movement passed after WWII exclusively ideas were still in place. In the 1950s newborns began be tested for mental retardation and other diseases so the disease could be detected and less detrimental to t2he baby by and by in life. With the success of genetic screening, babies were now tested during the embryotic stage and were treated while in the womb (Lewis). increase concerns about the early diagnosis caught the attention of the government watchdogs but the rest of the American government swept it under the rug. It was not until; a lawsuit against the...If you want to get a enough essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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