Monday, April 1, 2013

I Love My Country

Am I proud of my dry land? I am very proud of my country. We argon the only country that says if you hit us down sure we will need a while to check back on our feet that non long. For instance when they Twin Towers crashed we didnt sit around hold and watching we gained the courage to pick up the mess and wee the new Freedom tower to represent what once was such(prenominal) a miserable time into a memorial to march the respect we have for about 2,500 innocent people who mixed-up their lives. This shows sure you can knock
us down but it wont be long till we get back on our feet. We also have soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. roughly have families back here in America who whitethorn n ever so get the chance to see their hero ever again because they are willingly risking their lives to save ours. Another grounds is America is one of the very few countries in the founding to have freedom of religion. No one judges you for your beliefs. No matter what religion, color, or race we are each(prenominal) Americans. We all told have the freedom of speech. We all have the freedom of religion. We all have the freedom of choice. These are all rights that our soldiers have fought and died for.

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Im also proud to be an American because when we charge our soldiers out we dont let them leave without permit them know how much we appreciate and truly respect what they do for our country. We show our gratitude by giveing them care packages and setting up websites to raise money for our troops risking their lives. We are the only country who care enough about these soldiers to take our time to send them care packages. We show our patriotism in this way. We may not be a huge country we may not be a rich country but we are a country that withstands together through thick and thin. No obstacle will ever break our country apart. We stand together always and forever.If you want to get a adequate essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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