Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Negative Effects of Sleeping Less Than Eight Hour a Day

The Negative Effect of Sleeping Less than Eight Hours A Day
In this modern life, most people take tranquillity for granted. They take sleep as granted. They pass on remain cautious as long as they can. Instead of doing important things, they do unnecessary things such as playing computer games, chatting, reflection movies, texting and etc. After that, they end up dormancy in the couch or in front of the computer without bend off the television or computer. They do not appreciate sleep that much. However, they did not aware of the negative effect of sleeping modern which is less than eight hours a day.
According to dissimilar scientific researches, sleeping late does affect us in every aspect. One of the major effects is health problem. instruction found out that if a person sleeps less than 8 hours, it will put him or her at higher adventure at total condition. He or she might easy get center attacks, stroke or congestive heart failure. (Intellectualyst) Dr. Rohit Arora, chairman of cardiology at the Chicago Medical School conducted a research and found that those who slept too little were twice as likely to have a stroke or heart attack and 1.6 times as likely to have congestive heart failure.
When we sleep late, the body will release a hormone called cortisol which also known as tune hormone.

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Cortisol will increase the blood pressure and slows cut down the cell regeneration. Actually our body will secrete versatile hormones that help to control appetite, energy metabolism and glucose processing. If we sleep late, it will upset the balance of these hormones. Furthermore, insulin is hormones that regulates glucose processing and promote fat storage. low-down sleep is associated with the increase in the secretion of insulin following the meal. higher(prenominal) insulin may cause diabetes and besides that higher levels of insulin are related with weight gain which might lead to obesity.

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