Monday, April 8, 2013

This is an essay on the biomechanics of tennis racquet, how the technology of a tennis racquet has evolved and how to choose the right one.

When selecting a Tennis Racquet there are numerous factors to take into account like, length, surge, weight, elasticity and tonus. The aim of this report is to ingest the biomechanical principles associated with all these factors like; grass, radius, issue of inertia, ease of rotation, speed of rotation, forces, design, construction, elasticity, feel and balance.

The first thing to have about a lawn tennis racquet is that it is an extension of the arm which is a third phratry lever, that is axis - force - resistance. In this case the shoulder is the axis, the biceps and the flexor digitorum are the force and the ball flashting the racquet is the resistance.

When is comes to the mass and weight of the racquet you want a racquet with the biggest mass that you can control and a fairly low weight. The larger the mass means the more area there is to hit with. The more area there is to hit with means you build a bigger sweet spot which is the ideal place for the racquet to bring in contact with the ball. The lighter the weight the easier it is to swing and you will ache more control everyplace the racquet. This is important when you need to resolve quickly to a shot, eg. volleying a forehand drive. If you have a light racquet but not so unattackable reflexes you will still be more efficient than the express reflexes with a heavy racquet.

The resistance arm is the distance from the axis to resistance, the radius.

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It is important to get a racquet that makes this distance as long as possible without losing any control over the racquet. The importance of having a long resistance arm is so that the speed of rotation is as fast as possible. When the...

very near(a) analysis. i like tha reference made to the property of moment of inertia and elasticity.a very thorough analysis indeed

Very well make essay. I was actually interested, Im not that much of a tennis player, but I do know the basics. I didnt know this much. Good Job.

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