Friday, April 5, 2013

Violence in Film

Cinematic violence has been in films since the start of movie making. From John Houstons movie of men at war with The Battle of San Pietro, to the hardships teenagers face increment up portrayed in the film, Boyz in the Hood, violence has evermore been present in film in one score or another. Graphic violence has become as chief(prenominal) to film as the happy ending. Throughout time filmmakers abide made extreme statements about our monastic smart set and the involvement of our estate in other conflicts, such as war, which affect our nation. impression makes have realized the power and movement within society that a film can create when the reality quite a little do not wish to accept is put ahead their very own eyes. It is quite often that extreme measures argon taken to achieve this; violence in film. Three main(prenominal) categories of violent-oriented films that this paper will discuss are westerns, war movies, and American cities/society violence (deviant behavior of citizens).

        The American Heritage vocabulary defines violence as; Physical force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing. This is a pattern for any films alleged, good-for-nothing guy. It is the extreme which the bad guy uses this force that is the cause of so much familiar back-lash against filmmakers. This did not besides deter them in achieving their visions.

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We know however that war is violent, so what other genres need to include such violent subject guinea pig? I like to take in at violence as three separate categories.

1. struggle Violence- could be gang or different nations, or for that matter could be two different planets.

2. Realistic Violence- this is what you would see in an operating society, basically anything that can realistically happen to you or I. Rape, murder, mugging, beating, etc....

3. Fantasy Violence- Luke Skywalker gets...

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