Friday, April 12, 2013

What was the Most Decisive Battle in WWII?

World War II was a global armament conflict, which in terms of casualties and material destruction was the most devastating in pitying history. The war involved the commitment of entire human effort and economic resources. It consisted of pivotal battles which ultimately determined the event of the war in favour of the Allied powers. Certain campaigns were slavish in turning out victory; of these, two cock-a-hoop were the Battle of Stalingrad, 1942-1943; and Normandy Invasion, 1944. There are many decisive factors that inflict the importance of each battle. Primarily, the Battle of Stalingrad was a German-Soviet struggle to shit the strategic prize of southern oil fields. Furthermore, Stalingrad positioned Germany in back out on the Eastern front and it foretold the Russian juggernaut that would set out the Soviet Union a superpower. Lastly, the German defeat at Stalingrad marked the end of Wehrmacht supremacy associating heavy losses. The German military lost its impetus as well as impudence in their dictator. These critical factors suggest that the Battle of Stalingrad was the most material battle in World War II.

By too soon 1942, Hitler planned a renewed assault aimed at forcing the Russians to surrender. The pick was to strike the southern city of Stalingrad which would serve as an lynchpin for mass of his soldiers to wheel further south and seize Caucasus oil fields.

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(1) Hitler believed that threatening the Soviet oil, the Russian army would make their last reserves of manpower to protect it. The German army launched the attack on the city of Stalingrad on July 23, 1942, and as foreseen, they authoritative stubborn resistance from a massive Soviet counteroffensive. (2) From a strategic analysis, achieving victory at Stalingrad for both sides was vital. Oil was the sprightliness force of the Second World War; there was no other resource which its...

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