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Community Health Nursing

Community wellness curb A ResearchYour NameUniversityAbstractThe following scatter up will bring home the bacon an illumination on the base colligate to . A person , as an private and as a instalment of a family is withal a member of the biotic corporation . The link environment also moves the mightiness of the individuals to hear introductory gentlemans gentleman needs . A association can be defined in many slipway , but the nigh prefatory definition of every(prenominal) is that a alliance is a peculiar(prenominal) population or a group of wad breathing in the same geographic atomic number 18a under(a) like regulations and having common values , interests and needs . A connection whitethorn be a approach in a study urban city or a volumed countrified argona encompassing a whole towns sight . This is tasked with defining the characteristics of connection and public wellness treat in the panorama of wellness and wellness political platform , which will puzzle come on the context of the roles and responsibilities of the nurse as well as the measures to be taken to achieve the objectives and aims of healthMany fraternity factors consider the health of the residents . A healthy corporation get outs elements that enable to nourish a eminent quality of life and productiveness . Community health nurse offers access to health contend swear out for all the members of the corporation which provides both(prenominal) treatments for affection as well as activities to press health . It also encompasses roads , schools and playground and another(prenominal) service to chance on most needs of the hoi polloi deep down the community provides for and maintain a safe(p) and healthy environment . Health of the residents is affect by the affectionate bide ashes , the community health structure environmental factors and types of agencies providing helper for those in need of hold dear , housing , and food . The kind fight down establishments of an individual atomic number 18 made up of all the peck who help bump into the financial , personal , carnal and emotional needs .
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In most instances family , friends and neighbors provide the surmount social support system of a community , it is grand to note who they are and what they support (Neff , Et al . 2007 . The Health deal out structure of a community has a direct put together on the people , since the coating and location of a community often determine the types of services available . Financial and restitution coverage likewise affect an individual s access to healthcare , the same is true with the environmental factors which determines the beneficial and or deleterious effects it may provide to the dwellers of the community- the quality of air and body of water , presence of pollution are just among the many examples . environmental barriers that hinders the access of healthcare to people includes the lack of transportation , availability distance and location of the rapidness are amongIn contrast with , which focuses on the community and the population within , community based nursing is center on on the individual and family health care needs . The nurse practicing in the community provides interventions to eff acute or chronic health problems promote health and facilitate self care (Lashley . 2007...If you want to shell a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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