Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dq#2 Islam

Development of Islam in the join StatesIslam in the united States was scads borne by slavery . When it became form that majority of the slaves who were brought to the rural ara from Africa were in the first place of the Islam faith , several attempts were do to restore them to Islam . One renowned movement was the Moorish scholarship Temple of the States realised by Noble Drew Ali in 1913 which started teaching Afri washbowl-Americans the basic teaching of Islam . A nonher was the Ahmadiyyah Movement brought in by Indian missionaries and which charge out to thirty-eight cities in the United States during the twentieth blow (Fisher , 2005However , it was tho in 1930 , when the community of Islam (NOI ) was founded by Master Fard Muhammad and by and by light-emitting diode by Elijah Muhammad , that the theology had its first big nervous impulse (NOI .org , 2006 ) The NOI though , considers Minister Louis Farrakhan as the real catalyst of its risque ripening in the country . Under his leadership , the NOI was equal to gift mosques and study groups in over 120 cities in America Europe , the Caribbean and missions in West Africa and South Africa given up to the teachings of the near Elijah Muhammad (para .
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6Islam could be ascribe as the religion with the meteoric return in the United States , but it received a coitus blow from the war on terrorism which is be waged by the United States disposal tar describeed against the Moslems (Fisher , 2005 ) The 9 /11 washout and the U .S .-led invasion of Iraq are believed by many to assimilate resulted to a halt , if not a backward slip ones mind , in the development of Islam in the country . Nobody can resist that the U .S . regimen now regards every Muslim with qualm after these incidents , roughly especially the 9 /11 bombing . In situation , this U .S .-led war on terrorism [has] exacerbated a precarious and growing divide betwixt Muslims and non-Muslims [not exactly in the U .S . but] in the contemporary homo (Fisher , 2005 . rogue 362REFERENCESFisher , M .P (2005 . Islam . biography Religions , Sixth Edition (pp 362-416 . Prentice-HallNOI .org (2006 . Bio skeleton of the fair Minister Louis Farrakhan (Retrieved February 182007 from : HYPERLINK http / vane .noi .org /mlfbio .htm http /www .noi .org /mlfbio .htm...If you involve to get a full essay, come out it on our website: Orderessay

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