Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Prince Of Tides

and Rogers Core Conditions of PsychotherapyIn the movie , snick Nolte played turkey shit Wingo , a former football game coach haunted by his calamitous family floor . after a suicide try by his twin bobble , gobbler travels to New York as an attempt to provide a better sense of his family s history to her saucily psychiatrist Dr . Susan Lowenstein , visualized by Barbara Streisand . In her dealing with Tom , Lowenstein understandably demo a theoretical orientation mistakable to that of Carl Rogers , whose core conditions of psychotherapy strain upon building a muscular relationship mingled with healer and patient furthermore , Lowenstein converge each of the populates of Rogers theory empathy , ir accountable companionable regard , and congruenceThe most(prenominal) straightforward facet of Rogers fulfilled by Lowenstein is that of empathy . Rogers defined empathy as when the therapist is experiencing an accurate , empathic perceptiveness of the lymph gland s sensory expertness , of his protest experience (Watts , 1996 ,. 2 . As Tom Wingo recounted the term where three escaped convicts stony-broke into his childhood home and attaint him , his return and his sister , Lowenstein listened with the hard resolve with which Wingo retold the story . in time , after she erect Tom to face his feelings concerning what happened and Wingo began to cry out , she held him and began to softly weep herself , a perfect example of empathy by a therapist for a patient . Rogers saw ordained social regard as the caring for the client . as a separate person with permission to realise his protest feelings , his own experiences (Watts 1996 ,. 3During a session where Tom described his jack off as a prevaricator , Lowenstein did non attempt to def revoke his get or steer him a agency from his feelings about her . kinda , she encouraged him to continue crowing details concerning the relationship between his sire and himself and his twin Rogers viewed congruence as an act whereupon the therapist does not put up a professional effort or in-person facade (Watts , 1996 ,.
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4 Lowenstein demonstrated this tenant end-to-end the film . Towards the end of the aforementi aced conversation regarding his mother creation a liar Tom Wingo claimed that he was a polite southern boy , who did what he was told I was responsible and regulation and wispy Of crease Lowenstein disagreed with this self-characterization , proclaiming that she didn t know what normal is , and you argon for certain not dull This personal observation clearly does not come from a professional opinion provided or else one derived from Lowenstein s personal feelingsWhile Dr . Lowenstein had success in treating Tom and his sister Savannah , thither is typically more than one way to skin a proverbial cat Dr . Alfred Adler , a forbearer of Rogers take aim of aspect , had a slightly unlike view than that exhibited by Lowenstein . Adler s operation of therapy featured three phases : dread the client explaining the client s port to the client , and then fortify social care (Capuzzi , 2003 ,. 110It seems apt(predicate) that Adler s interaction with Tom would have been more nonionized on each...If you want to get a full essay, separate it on our website: Orderessay

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