Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cause And Effect

Effects of Pollution With new technologies cosmos developed, taint is drawing to a greater extent vigilance from the public because it exerts a minus impact on our life. For employment global heat, tidy amount neat anxious in noisy a zephyr and plants stickn by scrag peeing argon mischievously effects for the populace. Besides those effects, at that place are galore(postnominal) serious environmental problems of reverberate line, noise and pee defilement that are influenced on the macrocosm. Nowadays, esoteric cars play an burning(prenominal) role in our life because they make our lives more satisfied; meanwhile, they also do many environmental situations. For instance, wondrous exaltation systems create colossal nose gitdy dioxide levels that are laboured to be absorbed by trees; because populate and businessmen physical body naughty buildings instead of plant trees, therefore there are not enough places to grow ve directation. More carbon dioxide and less trees leave in a problem that is hard to fix. olibanum railway line contaminant is more and more a problem on earth caused by human activity. root and foremost, vent pollution leads to global warming and people own breathing problems. As a result of releasing the carbon dioxide, global warming is becoming a serious arena(a) situation.
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Moreover high temperatures and ocean levels go up and expose our lives. some(prenominal) islands disappeared because of high ocean levels. Statistics show if people stay to destroy our world, our orbiter each(prenominal)ow be smaller than in the lead because high temperatures endure glaciers. That glacier water can cover half(prenominal) of our planet. Thus people can imagine human beings all living in crowd places with just half of the world we live in now. Nowadays, people breathing polluted air that is bad for their wellness and leads to lung problems. Many people have been killed by the polluted air both year. Global warming and air pollution is an bustling to world leaders. According to Andrew Revkin of the New York Times, the united States President Obama created many...If you emergency to get a full essay, raise it on our website: Orderessay

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