Wednesday, October 16, 2013

America, The Big Bad Bully

the States, The Big Bad Bully Ever since Osama Bin pissed attacked the ground Trade Center, the States has not been the same. The nations ideas of patriotism, democracy and ground views have changed dramatically, though not for the better. The mate States regime has become more than strong-growing, selfish, and suspicious. The flock atomic number 18 beseeming massively fearful, angry and confused. The image of America to the other nations are becoming distorted and untrue. All of this is being caused by our media and our administrations personal ag kibosha, which are affecting the people of the United States in not a sizable way. However, in that location is always a light at any inconsolable hall. The United States learn to take drastic steps in turning this swingeing image of America into a good one, before we end up having a war on our own grounds. The authors, plant Hertsgaard, Joel Andreas and Michael Medved, all seem to agree that America is becoming more and more of a negative token in the world today. All three talk to the highest degree the fact that the United States government is becoming extremely aggressive with other countries since 9/11. Mark Hertsgaard, the writer of The Oblivious Empire, suggests that the American governments way of thinking is becoming precise black and white. For instance, when furnish said on September 20...
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each you are with us, or you are with the terrorists (Hertsgaard 730), nigh of the countries were disgusted and glum off by the arrogant statement. However, furnish kept die hard Americas habit of thinking [of having] all the answers, and the even out to impose them on everyo ne else (Hertsgaard 730). Joel Andreas, th! e author of The War on Terrorism, believes America is becoming a large bully as well. He, however, is purpose the issue in our military: after September 11... Bush and the Congress started to spirit up the Pentagons bloated budget without ascendency (Andreas 747). As most people would think a bigger military, the safer the nation is; although, those people...If you deficiency to get a full essay, high society it on our website:

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