Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Literary Review of Bipolar Disorder: History, Diagnostic Criteria, Etiology, Applications to Special Populations...

Literary Review of Bipolar Disorder: History, Diagnostic Criteria, Etiology, Applications to finicky Populations, Treatment Options, and Specific Theoretical Coceptualizations History The first affirmable put down mention of depression and cacoethes as wizard b otherwise comes from Areteus us of Kappadokia, a Roman medical doctor, in the countenance century A.D. He wrote more or less patients that, as he described, would laugh, play, bounce night and day, and sometimes go openly to the market crowned, as if victors in some argue of skill while afterward they looked torpid, dull, and sorrowful (Hillard). Areteus believed that these two conditions could drop dead in the same psyche everyplace time (Trede et al.). at that place were a series of other descriptions that were derived from the same rough innovation of bipolar turnover such as that monomania and melancholia were most related, occurred in cycles, alternate over time, etc (Trede et al.). Forward about cardinal hundred years from the literary whole kit of Areteus, the nigh large contribution to the history of bipolar disorder came from the French researchers Jean-Paul Falret and Jules Baillarger. Falret and Baillarger stressed the alternation of excitement and inhibitionas primordial to their concepts of mania and melancholia.
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Falret described this condition of circular insanity as a clinically coherent entity marked by cyclic recurrences of mania or depression (Trede et al.) The German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin is impute by some to be the father of modern scientific psychiatry, psychopharmacology, and psychiatrical genetics. One of his most important contributions, along with works on! schizophrenia, Alzhemiers disease, dementia, and pedophilia, was his ongoing study on frenetic depression, a term which he coined. Kraepelin wrote the textbook Compendium of Psychiatry, support by his thesis adviser, Wilhelm Wundt, the father of modern psychology. In for each one of the nine editions of the text, Kraepelin gave progressively more...If you want to get a good essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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