Monday, October 21, 2013

Non Verbal Communication

NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION INTRODUCTION automobile trunk language is delimitate as all compassionate communication events that transcend the indite or the spoken word. Body language encompasses the liveliness of the voice, big (big) gestures like hand and feet movements, and smaller macro signals which be severe to control, such as your breathing, the distension of your pupils, the colour changes of the skin, the flaring nostrils the temperance of throat, the amount of sweat secreted. talk can be blue down in ternion parts: What we set up (10-15%) How we say it (15-25%) Body language (60-70%) extremity to be sensitive to non- communicative Cues We rely on first impressions to soak up up our minds about people can be inaccurate. try strangers in terms of our own beliefs about appearance and non-verbal behavior. firstborn impressions are hard to change. Often use non-verbal people stereotypes for judging. Non-verbal differs from verbal: In face-to face Communication is continuous. Non-verbal is usually trusted much than words. more effective way of showing emotions. Problems with interpretation: crumb be ambiguous Meaning must be established from context, not behavior.
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Have to interpret in clusters. NON-VERBAL CATEGORIES Kinesics know alike as body motions, includes gestures, movements of the body, posture, facial expressions Paralanguage deals with how something is said and not what is said. Includes pitch, rhythm, articulation, vestige and vocalizations such as laughing, yawning, coughing, and thing s such as uh-huh, um, uh and ah. Haptics ! (tacesics) also know as tweaking behaviour, includes stroking, hitting, holding etc., also who may touch whom and where Proxemics also known as territoriality, is concerned with how we use space, socially and personally and how this varies according to status, sex, culture etc. Occulesics or gaze behaviour deals...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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