Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Overthrow Of The Inca

Question 2 While aggregating information ab surface Cajamarca from the take Guns, Germs, And leaf blade written by Jared Diamond it was brought to my experience that Cajamarca was an amazing state to live in before the inflict of the Inca. The city was governed by Atahuallpa the Inca emperor. The city possessed: fertile soils, good climate, intelligent citizens, and a strong array. After being certified of the facts that have been verbalise I was totally abashed to honour out that this easy city was prehended, until I discovered how technology, government, religion, literacy, and disease played a role in the overthrow of the Inca. During the yr of 1532 a Spanish conquistador named Francisco Pizarro set out to part match of Cajamarca by the command of his King. Pizarro entered the city with only 168 soldiers, 62 on horseback and 106 on foot, to press against the Indian ground forces that contained nigh 80,000 soldiers. The fact t hat the Indian army was nearly 500 time larger than the Spanish army make it pretty overmuch impossible for the Spanish to conquer the Indians so e preciseone thought.
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When Pizarro sent priest, beggar Vicente de Valverde, to inform Atahuallpa that it was Gods will for the Spanish & Indians to be friends Atahuallpa disrespected the Catholic religion by slapping the Holy book out of the Friars hand. The fact that religion was much(prenominal) a huge aspect of their lives made them want to conquer Cajamarca and once their religion was disrespected at that very moment they became much ferocious and their focus was completely on the Indian army, so when the Friar gave the signal to attack t hey acted presently and inhumanely. The In! dians being oblivious(predicate) of the Spaniards plan they came unarmed and were unprepared when the Spaniards began to charge. While the brutal belt was occurring Pizarro taked Atahuallpa. This advantage allowed the Spaniards to defeat the Indian army with ease, just now the capture of Atahuallpa was not the only advantage that the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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