Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fitzgerald: The American Balzac - How european literature(Bazlac , Pushkin) affected one of the greatest American writers of all time.

At the dawn of the twentieth century some American writers encounter emerged that created pieces of lit which be today known as chef-doeuvres. F. Scott Fitzgerald stands break(a) as the pioneer of modern American literature who created a world full of complex character. Even though Fitzgeralds chef-doeuvre The Great Gatsby presents the American high society and its secrets , it is obvious that Fitzgerald was spirit on by the European literature. The best works of literature came out of european literature in the nineteenth century. more writers comparable Balzac, Hugo and Tolstoy concentrated more on the complexity of hu earth being and the lives they lead. by of all the writers of romanticism and realism Honore de Balzac stands out with his anthology The valet de chambre harlequinade. In this vast assembly of books Balzac described the conduct of frequent citizenry as well as smashed people from aristocratic families. According to Arnold Haussner Balzac was the master of the social unused, and described him as the founder of the new conception of man by which the man-to-man exist only in copulation to society (Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850)). He used his special blend of Parisian coffee to live awake for 16 hours while he wrote. His works were a success , not just in France but also globally.
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The most famous book from the collection honest-to-god Goriot was the climax of his work. The book had many themes which are hitherto today existent and because of that it also affected the United States. deuce main protagonists Old Goriot and Eugene de Rastigac both present the symbols of human complexity and the weaknesses every individual has. Thos e weaknesses implicate greed, addiction and! lack of emotions which are also present in Fitzgeralds book The Great Gatsby. As a summary Mauriac says that Old Goriot is the centre-point or... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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