Monday, December 23, 2013

Political Philosophy

Andrew Swift 1st Hour Government Political doctrine Prohibition, civil rights, and women’s voting were all huge secretes in authorities in their time. Today, politics still has some giving issues. These include slap-up punishment, abortion, pertain assisted suicide, and gay marriage. population’s views on these issues video display which side of the policy-making spectrum they are on. The majority of my views tend to come down on the conservative side of the political spectrum. I am for the dying punishment as punishment for certain crimes, I imagine abortion is murder and should be banned, I believe renovate assisted suicide should be illegal, and I am against same-sex marriage. I will show why my side on these issues is the classify side to take. Capital punishment is a lamentable denounce that has stood the test of time, so why is it now generating so oftentimes controversy? I am for the final stage penalization as a criminal punishment only if the individual is convicted of premier degree murder. People against capital punishment declare that it violates the eighth amendment.[i] If the finale penalty was cruel and unusual it plausibly would stick already been banned in the hundreds of years it has been around.
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electropositive we wipe out moved passed the cruel forms of capital punishment ilk the guillotine and public hangings, to a quick and painless fatal injection. That doesn’t sound cruel and unusual to me. Another issue passel bring forth with capital punishment is that innocent people may be put to death. 1 That used to be a problem, scarcely with DNA and fingerprint evidence, there is no doubt some one is guilty. People also say that capital ! punishment clogs the court system with all the appeals made by people sentenced to death. 1 Appeals do add more cases to the coquet system, but having the death penalty on the table gets suspects to devote plea deals to bring about sure they don’t intoxicate the death penalty so that’s less court cases. Another reason people say they don’t want the death penalty is because...If you want to get a full essay, golf club it on our website:

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