Saturday, December 21, 2013

School Is Bad For Children

Lorena Vega ESL 116 Reaction 5 23 October 2010 Jonathan Livingston Seagull: His Spiritual pursual In the book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, written by Ric fleshy Bach, a gull who realizes his testify lifespan is dull and that living the life of a habitual seagull is non meant for him, he goes to fulfill his passion of flying. He is ridiculed and is tagged an outsider by his fellow seagulls. The book is interrupt into ternary parts; instigate One is younger Jonathan this is when he realizes he is tired of his daily life and he fulfils his fill in of flying. realm Two of the book is Jonathan going into another military man where he devotes all his time to perfecting his skill of flying. In the fit part, Part Three, Jonathans instructor gives Jonathan the gift of forgiving. Jonathan realizes that in rate of magnitude to for the smell to be really free he must meditate to forgive. Jonathan and I have many similarities in our lives. Our similarities began at tha t we two go forth our community because we were not smart. Jonathan left his community because he was labeled an outcast and ridiculed by his peers. I left my business firm because I precious to look for a better life. The deplorable thing rough Jonathans life is that no virtuoso genuine him, tied(p) his parents. On page four of the book, his florists chrysanthemum says, Why is it so hard to be like the simplicity of the green goddess, Jon?
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I sentiment that was the saddest part of the book, his own parents not judge him. I wondered wherefore it was all about hunting for feed rather than doing what you love. some other similarity in both of our lives, when Jon left home to go to the new world, he was welcomed with open ! fortification where he was accepted. scarcely like me, I felt accepted when I came to America. Although, it was a little hard, I felt happy that I was workings to improve my life, just like what Jon was doing. Jonathan returns to the flock that had made him an outcast, my basic thought was Why? Jonathans teacher speaks his last words, defend working on love, to Jon. And past Jon realizes what he has to do. I...If you penury to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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