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Volunteerism Its Values, Contexts And Opportunities Among Young People *| Written by Dr. Azizan Bahari   | Friday, 09 January 2009 05:25|  By: Azizan Bahari, Ph.D  Department of Social WorkFaculty of Social and Human DevelopmentUniversiti Utara Malaysia   INTRODUCTION Recognizing the wideness of volunteerism as a process of experiential learning, as headspring as personal and socio-cultural development among young people is, in itself, a commendable achievement of our respective societies. Despite the apt seeking for material affluence we still continue to rediscover the essence of our social existence and why it should be an all important(p) component of our  compassionate beingsizing and civilizing enterprise.  Indeed, volunteerism has taken roots in each generation, everywhere. It took non-homogeneous forms and, in the course of its development, has also traveled far and wide. It epitomizes  brave multiculturalism and diversity, and at the sam e time, serves to bring about and strengthen  military man bondage across geographical, political and ideological boundaries.  However, this does not pin down that we have exhausted its potentials. On the contrary, there are a lot more that can be derived from this durable, tested homophile spirit cum way of life.
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 We certainly need to mull over and consider the other dimensions of the perspectives and the concepts, the dynamics of the contexts of volunteerism, as well as some possible volunteering opportunities for young people.  Instead of providing lists of what are and what should or ought to be, this paper deals with some pertinent questions with regard to those aspects of volunteerism. This, we hope, would govern! up further deliberation among us, now and in the future, in dower our societies to develop and become more humane by means of volunteerism.  cite CONCEPTS AND VALUES Because of the above diversity, volunteerism could be described in umteen different terminologies. Examples here include: altruism, spiritual quest and fulfillment, a sense of mission,...If you want to get a broad(a) essay, pasture it on our website:

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