Thursday, January 23, 2014

Journal 1

The yarn Everyday Use is interesting for several reasons. It covers the different cultures in one family. The difference in social status in a family, and what one item means one voice vs. another. How nightclub can change a person. The different cultures in the story are African American heritage and deplorable plain sustenance. The main character, the mother, is a plain country woman. She has worked her entire life, like a man, doing cattle ranching. She worked very hard to house deuce girls, with no education. The mother make sure the two girls got an education. Maggie the youngest who is at collection plate with the mother, was in an accident, and is not as well educated as Dee. The daughter Dee is well educated, and has move a right smart. Dee has always been ashamed of the way her family lives. The story is good for the fact it shows how family members are so different. They were raised in the comparable house, and the same way, yet the y grew to be so different. bingle is completely ashamed of how they live, and the other is not. The one is essay so hard to hide her past. How the other is still living the lifestyle, with pride. The closing curtain of the story shows what the quilt really represents. How the quilt was made for use, nevertheless the sister wants to hang it up, as art of her heritage. thus distant she is ashamed of her heritage, and is trying to make it something it is not. The characters in the story perk up almost all the different types of characters there are. The boyfriend who comes with Dee is a flat character. There really was no reason for him to as yet be in it. Maggie is your static character. She stays the same with disclose the story. The mother could be two different types of characters. She starts forth as a static character. She really kind of goes on with Dee and her ways, but when Dee tries to take the quilts from Maggie, her character changes. She becomes a d ynamic character. She becomes modify with ! the way Dee is treating them. So it is hard to come to a...If you want to limp off a full essay, order it on our website:

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