Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Outline and Evaluate the Role of Neural Mechanisms Involved in Controlled Eating and Satiation

Outline and evaluate the role of neural mechanisms involved in controlled eating and satiation (24 marks) Hunger is aroused by numerous different cues, both biological and environmental. The soundbox is controlled by homeostasis which is how we keep our constant internal environment. Homeostasis is controlled by a negative feedback kink which assumes that all body variables have a stripe point. The bushel point helps the body regulate its weight and therefore knows how untold the person should be eating. Hunger is based on fat weight stores (lipostatic hypothesis), glucose levels (glucostatic hypothesis) and cellular energy. The dual centre model of alimentation describes the dickens areas of the hypothalamus involved in eating behaviour. When we are ravenous we disunite eating, the bodys blood glucose levels increase and so do ghrelin levels. When we are full the Ventro Medial Nucleus (VMN) of the hypothalamus is activated which inhibits eating and satiety is reached. Blood glucose levels drop again after eating and the Lateral hypothalamus is activated (which initiates feeding) and we become hungry and the work at starts again. at that place are several neurotransmitters in the body which are alike involved in eating regulation. Ghrelin is a ductless gland which is released when the stomach is empty so it triggers eating.
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The sulfur most important hormone is leptin and this is released from adipocytes, and the more fat a person has the more leptin is released and it acts as a satiety indicate so stops regimen intake. Cummings et al (2004) did a study into the effects of ghrelin on people. He used 6 male participants and they were monitored both 5 transactions betwee! n their twelve noon meal and when they requested their evening meal. Their hunger levels were also assessed every 30 minutes. Ghrelin levels fell after eating lunch, were at their low after 70 minutes and peaked at the m they requested their evening meal. These findings realize the role of ghrelin as an disposition signal. However a blue sample...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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