Wednesday, January 22, 2014

R/Ship Between Sexual Selection And Reproduction

Natural filling favours the survival of the fittest; however this explanation doesnt explain characteristics that do not help survival. For example a peacocks tail is detrimental to its ability to fierce; therefore Darwin put forward the theory of sexual picking. familiar selection is the evolution of characteristics of behaviours which increases the jeopardys of reproducing. For example, if a particular characteristic, i.e. youthfulness or body shape becomes established as a sense of taste among females the characteristic will have a better receive of success and being passed on. Sexual selection is said to be split into two different aspects; inter-sexual selection and intra-sexual selection. Inter-sexual selection is the abrade whereby a trait gains an advantage because it is attractive to the opposite sex, and intra-sexual selection is the process whereby a trait gains an advantage because it helps an individual look at with same-sex rivals. Differences mingled wi th male and female sexual behaviour arise, as they are subject to different discriminating pressures. These differences occur due(p) to anisogamy, differences between the nature and amount of gametes (sperm and eggs) produced. In females the egg is king-size and appears little frequently than males sperm, and so they have to be extremely selective in mate choice to ensure that her military bother are of the highest quality. Therefore it follows that females must be more selective about whom they mate with as each mating involves a relatively sizeable part of reproduction potential compared to males; so they have a much higher parental investiture than males. Natural selection therefore favours female behaviour tip the chances of successful reproduction through various strategies, such as monogamy and high parental investment. Females seek males displaying genetic fitness, akin strength, status and resources. Females indulge in intersexual competition where females ech o for males from those available. Females al! so utilise...If you want to get a full essay, consider it on our website:

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