Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Is Sociology?

What is Sociology What is sociology? The bracingfangleds sociology is derived from both Latin and Greek origins. The Latin word: socius, companion; -ology, the study of, and in Greek , word, knowledge. (Des Manuscrits de Sieyès. 17731799) Sociology is a science of affectionate fundamental interaction and loving organization. In explaining fond interaction and social organization, sociologists visualise at how confederacy in groups construct attitudes, beliefs, values and behavior, and how these in turn go social interaction and social organization. An understanding of social interaction and social organization allows sociologists to identify social problems and to suggest strategies for social change. (Cragun, R.T. and Cragun, D.,2011) Sociology advances in two ways. First, as a way of seeing, Sociology aims to go beyond commonsensical beliefs some how human beings as a group live and think. Sociology asks you to take a fresh compute at a wide range of you r social catch: the way you are brought up in family, how you are educated, how and why you work, what politics means to you, what love means to you, why corporation form groups, why traditions survive, how nations disintegrate and so on. Second, as a set of intellectual tools, Sociology encourages you to study social life in a rigorous and systematic way. Through this, you learn more(prenominal) about yourself and your place in society than the untrained observer. Sociology as a discipline has a long history. It has constantly updated itself to receive new challenges. As we move into the 21st century, we face a foundation increasingly connected by new technologies of communication, vocalise by the pursuit of economic well-being, excited by new modes of entertainment, change integrity by the utilization of power and shadowed by spheric environmental hazards. Sociology provides a unique gateway to these humanity as well as personal issues. (Cragun, R.T. and Cragun, D.,201 1) The Origins of Sociology: Economics w! as the rootage social science. It grew out of the...If you want to get a broad(a) essay, order it on our website:

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