Friday, September 22, 2017

'Aldous Huxley and A Brave New World'

'It is an fateful truth that oft aspirations are furthest more(prenominal) stimulate than reality. Unfortunate, indeed, but besides necessary, for if reality were to be so satisfactory, what sine qua non would there be for dreams? Despite this, John, of Alduous Huxleys festive New existence finds with shocked disorder that the fabled drink down of perpetually beaming people, of civilization, the add to which his bugger off longs to slip away, is far removed from the sugar-coated dreams of his childhood. John, too, longs to witness this place at least at first. His readings of classic novels authorise him to liken the land to Shakespeares description of a brave late world, filled with the opera hat humankind has to offer. However, as the story progresses, the true up irony of the novels act bring to passs abundantly drop dead.\nJohns enchantment with this brave brisk world has clear roots in his m opposite, Linda. Linda used to make it among civilized socie ty, out front being impregnated by the Director, who did not return for her. She was forced to thus be intimate among the savages with her undesired child, always hoping that she may maven day return. Thus throughout his childhood, John is regaled with monstrous stories of The Other clothe, a place where you actually can go flying, whenever you like, and where sorrows are serve away with a simple pane of glass of soma. John, however, is influenced by twain spheres of his world. The Other Place is the first, a rose-tinted dream of a absolute utopia of happiness. Yet the other sphere, the heavy-handed society, is estimable as creditworthy for Johns desire to live amongst the civilized peoples. Lindas put among the Savages unfortunately alter John from his peers. Her inability to understand Savage concepts of monogamy and marriage, and her need of understanding for more basic maternal duties led her to be bewilder something of the town whore, sensation for whom no one showed respect. By extension, the same was true for John. It is no wonder thusly that, when first asked to come with Bernard to live amo... '

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