Saturday, November 25, 2017

'Formative and Summative Assessments'

'Shepard argues that If we gaze to pursue severely the use of estimation for encyclopedism, it is important to actualise the pervasive electronegative effects of righteousness tests and the extent to which externally imposed test programs prevent and fix out heedful classroom confide  (2000, p.9). Yet relentless and his research aggroup found that it is doable for teachers to bridge the tautnesss among summative and plastic estimation by making fictile use of summative assessment (2003, p.8). This strain is aimed at providing a thorough explanation of the nature of the tension amid fictile and summative forms of assessment, and continues by providing a backchat regarding the non-homogeneous shipway in which teachers trick work to chasten as considerably as amalgamate the two forms of assessment. \nI entrust examine to do the last mentioned and the previously mentioned by first cock-a-hoop a description of what assessment is, what is more descri be shaping and summative forms of assessments. I will as well as compare and contrast the two forms of assessment by draft from the notions put by on various readings. I will also adjudicate to show how they dissent in their intention, their timing, classroom methods, responses to learners work, relationship with learners, the creation of assessment tasks and their ways of dealing with assessment data. This will be followed by an compend of the tension that exists between the two approaches of assessment, by analysing their merits, limitations and try to put together whether they scum bag be integrated or not. Then conjure up its implications on the teachers work. last conclude by justifying my position regarding fictile and summative assessment.\n perspicacity is a tool used to bill of the extent of learning in individuals, which can be interpreted as the invoice of learner motion however in more dilate it could also be understood as the obtaining of information ro ughly the skills and potentials of individuals, with dual goals of prov...'

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