Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mlg 300 Final Paper-the Tiger and the Snow

In society today movies are just something the great unwashed watch for enjoyment but they never take a second and look at the real message substructure the movie. Each movie has a different message and anyone give the axe find it. If you fully analyze a image you croupe learn so much and see how much went in to making the film from the filming to the color and lighting and ab turn out importantly editing. As we move into the future and the technology advances I hope that people will look at movies as more than just something to do on a Saturday shadow and turn it into a learning experience that will net forever. In the filmmaking world there is always that someone that gets looked everyplace and forgotten and that is the person behind the film known as the director. Directors are brilliant people who jobs are to create a film that people will enjoy while putting a meaning behind it. Roberto Benigni is an amazing director who not only directs his movies but writes and stars in them as well. Benigni has created masterpieces such as Life is Beautiful, Pinocchio and his most recent film The Tiger and the degree centigrade, which switch brought him such awards as an Oscar for Life is beautiful. Along with being a director Benigni prides himself on being a family man which is why his wife Nicoletta Braschi plays his love interest in most of his movies.
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boilers suit Benigni is a great director who blends comedy and romance in most of his movies. His movies might be a little out there but thats just who Roberto Benigni is and I dissolvet wait to see his next film. The Tiger and The Snow was produced in 2005, written, directed, and starred in by Roberto Benigini; it was also co-written by Vincenzo Cerami. The Tiger and The Snow is a movie that focuses its themes on love, and war. This film had 3 awards won and 4 nominations. It won an award for surpass foreign romance trailer, opera hat original story, and music. It was nominated for best actor, sound, music, and visual effects. In this paper you will learn just about the Story,... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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