Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tweet, Tweet, Victory

Andrew Hilt Tweet, Tweet, Victory The emergence of Twitter in the blossoming world of the sociable media is now allowing professional athletes to connect with their fans in ship canal that they never could before. Before Twitter and other types of tender media were around, athletes may as salubrious hold back been listenless robots who people only cared almost because they played for their favorite team. They were just people judged merely by the stats they accumulated by the end of the games. Today almost either professional athlete has some sort of social profile, which is qualification him or her more accessible than ever. The rise in popularity of social media is giving the word fan a whole new-sprung(prenominal) meaning. Instead of just verbally claiming to be a fan of a certain athlete, people can prove it by following the athletes personal social profiles. This affects the game as well as the connection it has with its fans, both in good ways and bad. With its capability to instantly stream information and conversation, Twitter is allowing athletes to have the most direct communication with their fans than they ever have before. conclusion the page of a pro athlete is as casual as finding the page of your mom or brother.
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In the world of the social media, money and fame doesnt create boundaries, which curtail getting close to an athlete. Any person with a ready reckoner can click around a few times to find a plethora of information straight from the mind of the athlete himself or herself. Twitter makes it less likely that the spoken communication of a pro athlete leave alone get misconstrued or overdramatized by the media, because they are coming directly, word for word, from the athlete. Even like a shot interviewers of pro athletes will take things that were said and twist the spoken language around so that they say something more interesting, or something that will stir up more controversy. Twitter eliminates the chances of this happening, because if anyone tries to do that, subtile the truth is as simple as going to the... If you indigence to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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