Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Should English Be Designated The Official Language Of United States?

(Full Name of Student (Name of Professor /Teacher (Subject ) side the authoritative Language (Date of SubmissionShould English be the designated official terminology of coupled StatesThe United States of America belongs to all men who are patriots of license and that include the freedom of speech . Where in the world do we find being privilege to express whizself without any apprehension of reproach It is barely in the Americas when we merchantman say promptly what is in our hearts even in front of the highest official of this country . The love for free speech that every citizens care for can only be conserve through the wont of integrity national phraseology spoken and writtenOne national language besides it does non mean to say that citizens are only bound to use just the English language . separate foreign countries use English as a mho language and for that reason they are universally understood just still are very comfortable and confident with their declare national languages . Sometimes , it is a hard fact wherefore near people who was raised in America can not comprehend the reason of priority which is the need for a first language and the freedom to love a atomic number 16 language that belongs to each and everyone ethnicityIn the United States where there are 50 states and immigrants coming from all parts of the globe , there is an obvious way to communicate thoughts and ideas . With the wealth of culture that America possesses , one language can unite them all . And in the multi-cultural monastic order , if one does not speak one and the same language , Babylon would reincarnate and what a disunited nation will this becomeIn school day , medium of learning is taught in the English language but freedom is also given to study Ebonics or the same . Chinese decent speaks their languages and Filipinos do the same not to reference the Koreans and other Asians and Muslim-Americans .
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In fact , there are so many schools to learn different languagesHowever , in some instances , some culture which have a dominant effect on the literature of its roots finds it hard or rather is uncomfortable with the use of the English language . For example some Latinos which sack up them not very fluent with the English due to their fastener to the mother tongue . This lack of flexibility affects them during job interviews not because they are discriminated but because they are entering a melt down force that needs to push the cart in one direction Just imagine the problem it could create in the work day if workers cannot talk straight with one other ? It is therefore not discriminatory but a want of understanding and that need is a personal responsibility since they cognize in an English speaking nationIt isn t really not a matter of making English the official language or not but is a matter of racism and ignorance ADDIN EN .CITE Meister55543Meister Essay , Research Should The United States Congress Designate English To Be The Nations Official Language11 March 2008http...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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