Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Ideal Societies Of Edward Bellamy & Jane Addams

The Ideal Societies of Edward Bellamy Jane AddamsThe search for the holy person society . Over the prey of our collective history , so many philosophers , sociologists , political analysts , and some other great thinkers have dreamed of the perfect social that would track the problems and issues that have plague every society since man s early history as a civilized creatureAmong the long list of social re put to workers , deuce concepts make for a good hear in contrast . This will look at two attempts to reform the social , sensation the exact polar turnaround of the other . The first social reformer is Edward Bellamy and the second is Jane Adams . base on the ideas of these two social thinkers , this intends to make a pickax as to whose ideas have better chances at making a better society .Edward Bellamy is known for his book , Looking self-referent , 2000-1887 published in 1888 . His work was a both a bestseller and critical success and has been credited for influencing the Utopian social experiments in the late 19th century . Looking Backward forrard Bellamy s ideas about the utopian society within the context of a fictional story . The main protagonist of the story is Julian westernmost , a wealthy man in the 1800 s West falls into a deep sleep and wakes up transported into the twenty-first century , two hundred years into the future . This futurist world becomes the venue for Bellamy s ideas about a modern , utopian society West meets Dr . Leete , a contemporary character who serves as West s guide to this fascinating new world , so different from the one that West knew . Dr . Leete serves as Bellamy s mouthpiece for explaining how his ideal society works . The society of the 21st century is highly prosperous , with modern gadgets that allow for many conveniences Bellamy creates a utopia based on industrialization , where the production of goods for market wasting disease becomes the main engine for progress and material wealth .
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Bellamy s ideas argon not so different from the world that we have straight off , the difference lies in the fact that in Bellamy s world , the citizens atomic number 18 not free to pursue personal wealth and race fulfillment , rather are driven by a high sense of duty to the state . Bellamy s utopia embodies the true self-seeking of a rational unselfishness , and appeal to the social and handsome instincts of men This means that the interests of the individual are repressed and subordinate to the collective interest of the state . The concept of communal life is once again explored in Bellamy s world , where man has no identity , except for the one he that he has as an instrument of the collective societyIn Bellamy s utopia , citizens are not given the opportunity to make career choices or advance any form differentiation . Citizens can only work for all the brass or the industrial army Upon hearing this , West asks how one person is assigned and what factors are considered to determine one s eligibility for either of the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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