Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Concepts Of Nutrition

Concepts of Nutrition

Food is defined as any substance consumed by a living thing in order to give up nutritional support or sustenance. Food usu all toldy comes from every plants or animals, and can be either liquid or solid form. Food is usually taken in through the mouth, but can also be taken in via tube, or directly into the bloodstream if a person is non capable of eating and drinking normally.

Diet does not specifically mean a weight loss provender. It is a destination that is universal and describes the types of food that a person eats on a regular basis. A diet is all the meals and snacks that a person eats.

Meals are prepared food that a person eats at a specific time of the day. For manakin breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals are a regular intake of a reasonable amount of food to give that person energy, nutrients, minerals and vitamins. A large number of people also snack amongst meals, and a snack is usually nearthing small and/or right away to eat if a person feels hungry. A snack is not always unhealthy.

Nutrients are a chemical compound utilize by the body to repair tissues, support normal functioning of the human body and provide energy. Carbohydrates, proteins and various fats are all nutrients.

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Malnutrition is any condition which occurs as the result of a diet which is either lacking some nutrients, or contains excessive amounts of some nutrients. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that malnutrition is the largest threat to the worlds public health.

Undernutrition is a condition in which the body is short in calories or nutrients. It usually results from a diet containing an insufficient amount of food, or a medical inability to last particular nutrients.

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