Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Electrical Components

A RESISTOR is an electrical component that limits or regulates the flowing of electrical current in an electronic circuit. Resistors can besides be used to provide a specific  electromotive force for an active device such as a transistor.
A cAPACITOR is a passive electronic component that stores capacity in the form of an electrostatic field. In its simplest form, a capacitor consists of two conducting plates separated by an insulating material c solelyed thedielectric. The capacitance is direct comparative to the surface beas of the plates, and is inversely proportional to the separation amid the plates. Capacitance also depends on the dielectric constant of the affectionateness separating the plates.
An INDUCTOR is a passive electronic component that storesenergy in the form of a magnetic field. In its simplest form, an inductor consistsof a wire loop or curl. The inductance is directly proportional to the number ofturns in the reel. Inductance also depends on the roentgen of the coil and on the type of material around which the coil is wound.
For a given coil radius and number of turns, contrast coresresult in the least inductance. Materials such as wood, glass, and plastic - cognize as dielectric materials - are essentially the same as air for the purposes of inductor winding.

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Ferromagnetic substances such as iron, laminated iron, and powderise iron amplification the inductance obtainable with a coil having a given number of turns. In some cases, this increase is on the order of thousands of times. 
A silicon chip that contains a CPU. In the world of personal computers, the terms microprocessor and CPU are used interchangeably. At the heart of all personal computers and virtually workstations sits a microprocessor. Microprocessors also control the logic of almost all digital devices, from clock radios to fuel-injection systems for automobiles.
Three basic characteristics differentiate microprocessors:
? study set: The set of instructions that the microprocessor can execute.
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