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Compare the Slave

Comparison of Slavery between Egypt and Babylonia

After reading the h ancient on thraldom in Egypt and the Hammurabi codes, I feel that the break ones backry in Babylonia is much crueler than that in Egypt. Slavery in these devil civilizations is different.
First of all, whether the thralldom existed in ancient Egypt or non is still in debate while the slavery in Babylonia is confirmed. According to Ancient Egypt, no word is exactly path slave and the word serfdom is much more suitable. During the old kingdom, the pyramid age, labors were gathered through conscription and worked in supervene upon for wages. Then, the method of how to calculate wages appeared in the documents of put age kingdom. Those labors provided service and got wages so it is not servitude. However, in Hammurabi codes, people are divided into three classes, the amelu, the muskinu and the ardu which means slave.
Secondly, the existence of slavery is a period of time in Egypt. During the militaristic or imperialistic new kingdom of Egypt, umteen captive foreigners and native Egyptians who cannot afford debt became slaves. But during the late period, foothold hem and bak were no longer means slave. This suggests that slavery disappeared as the new kingdom age ended.

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But Babylonia has slavery all the time and there were three kinds of slaves. Some were item-by-item slaves, some were attached with lands and some were dedicated to the god of temple. yield were pay to masters.
Thirdly, the legal status of slaves is different between Egypt and Babylonia. In the new kingdom of Egypt, legal status of slave has no difference from waiveman. They could have property or even absorb emancipation. But in Babylonia, the slave is private possession. They worked for their masters free and could be exchanged as goods. The Hammurabi code is unfair towards salves. Slaves lived in the bottom of society so they didnt have the kindred rights as their masters. For instance, a amelu can just...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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