Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reconstruction Essay

After the Civil War ended, a period know as Reconstruction began. Manybelieved that the Reconstruction period was a disappointment politically, economically andsocially. While Lincoln was still alive, Reconstruction was a success, but once AndrewJohnson became president after Lincolns assassination, Reconstruction took a turn forthe worse.First of all, Reconstruction was designed to re-integrate the southwestern hindquarters into theUnion after the Civil War. Politically and economically professorship Lincoln helped when heproposed his ten part plan, which say that a state could be brought back into theUnion when 10 percent of its voters in the presidential election of 1860 had taken an oathof allegiance to the Union. The ten percent plan also meant that those southern states hadto abolish slavery.Lincoln showed compassion for the newly defeated Confederacy by vetoing theWade-Davis Bill of 1864. The Wade-Davis Bill stated that 50 percent of the voters had topledge allegiance to the Union, but no one who had served in the Confederate army or inConfederate office would be allowed to vote, increasing the impossibility for the southern
states to be re-admitted.Once Johnson became president though, things changed. He took political andsocial advantage when created the black codes.

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Though freedman, or free blacks hadmore right wings than they did before the Civil War, there were greatly limited. Southernplantation owners feared that if blacks were abandoned too many rights, they would lose theiressential labor force. Among other provisions, they rigorously limited blacks ability tocontrol their own employment and they had no balloting rights. In essence, the Black Codesinstated by Johnson took a quantity back from what the Reconstruction period was trying toachieve.Radical Reconstructionists politically took another step backward during theReconstruction period. They wanted the southern states to not have the right to vote, untilthey were re-instated back into the Union, even though,...If you want to get a bounteous essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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