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Socrates was a Western Philosopher, who lived from 469-399 B.C. He was raised by a sculptor named Sophroniscus, and a midwife named Phaeparete. He was a citizen of capital of Greece and served as a hoplite in the Athenian military during the Peloponnesian war.** He believed that truth can be found just now in persons, non by books- that philosophy requires a communicative exchange. His favorite technique was to ask nation difficult questions,. This manner of direction has been referred to as the Socratic method and anything that is taught today that does not require methods of research and writing information down is mum referred to this today.*
Socrates was not a philosopher his whole life, before taking this on he was a sculptor, like his father. With this job, he had enough currency to have his own house, and would also give money start in return for a favor that other good deal would carry out for him. **Around 40 years of age, he served in the Athenian army. He was declared the wisest man in the world, and then began his life as a philosopher by teaching and speaking.**
Socrates never opened up a school to teach, he didnt charge any fees to teach, and never had his own formalised students.

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* He did not believe that standing in drive of a room full of people, reciting the same words that the books in front of his students had would not teach them things that they would remember for the rest of their lives. His technique was to decease people involved in dialogue and conversation, and he would then ask questions, and make his learners aware of ignorance. He believed that through conversation people would come realize the correct answers on whatever subject was the topic at that time.** The majority of people that Socrates taught were young citizens of Athens. They seemed to be very dedicated and loyal to him, notwithstanding the parents of these young Athenians did not feel the same way nearly Socrates as they did. They felt that Socrates was corrupting their children, and what he was teaching...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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